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Update for 2024


Methodist Summer Fellowship 2024 will take place from Saturday 3rd to Friday 9th August. We are in the process of organising speakers and content planning, focusing on our theme: Justice and Grace. Click here to join our mailing list here.


Methodist Summer Fellowship relies on early bookings to go ahead. You can book your place now by clicking on the booking link above. We would also like to encourage anyone, who feels able, to kindly donate to the Bursary Fund so that others who may be struggling financially will be able to attend next year.

Methodist Summer Fellowship - Family Worship
"A gathering of the people of God that displays what it is to be the people of God. A gathering that does not display hierarchy, labels or human differences which holds a frame into which all are invited, all are included and all are equal."

David Hollingsworth, Artist in Residence MSF 2015

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