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Who am I? God Knows!

An exploration of our Christian identity. 
Who am I...

In my body?

With my money?

At my age?

Message from MSF 2015 President on the theme

Who am I? It seems our identities are shaped by many complex forces. How does my body and what I do with my body relate to my true identity? Does my money, or lack of money change how I view myself? How does my age affect the way I see myself and others see me? Am I primarily an individual or a member of a wider body? And how does my Christian identity relate to all these other factors?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring at the Methodist Summer Fellowship this year, through bible study, through talks given by some very inspiring speakers, through worship and through prayer. I am hoping the week will also give us the opportunity to rediscover our creative, playful selves through opportunities to engage with art and through the many opportunities for conversation, fun and games.

So please do join us this summer for a time of re-creation and an opportunity to explore with friends the image in which we have been made and the person God calls us to be.

MSF 2015 Leaders and Keynote Speakers


Rev. Dr. Simon Topping
Minister for the Methodist churches in the Stroud area. He has a particular interest in the link between faith and economics

Bible Study Leader

Rev. Dr. Calvin Samuel

New Testament scholar, Academic Dean and Director of the Wesley Study Centre at St John’s College, Durham

Keynote Speakers

Neil Jameson
Executive Director of Citizens UK, and a leading campaigner for the Living Wag

Ann Morisy
Writer and Community Theologian, Development Officer for the Project for Seniors and Life-long Ministry (PSALM)
Chine Mbubaegbu

Journalist, Writer and Head of Media at the Evangelical Alliance

Creative Artist in Residence

Rev. David Hollingsworth

A serving Presbyter and Artist who has been involved in the Methodist Church's "Creative Spirit" collection of modern Christian art

Morning Prayer Leaders

Ruth and Gordon Downey

Salvation Army Officers who have served in the UK and Africa

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