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Simon Pringle

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Simon Pringle is a senior sustainability, commercial strategy and innovation specialist. He's a leading Methodist activist in Yorkshire alongside his day job as a regional businessman. 

With the Yorkshire North and East Methodist District, Simon lead an in-depth assessment, enabling the district to explore sustainable energy solutions within their 200 churches. This subsequently lead to recognition from Community Energy England, for the Community Engagement and Inclusion Award:

"In 2020, the Yorkshire N&E Methodist District embarked on a transformative journey, pledging to achieve Net Zero by 2040. Spearheaded by an in-depth assessment conducted by Prof Simon Pringle, the district set out on a mission to explore sustainable energy solutions across its 200 Methodist Churches.

The district's flagship project, 'Tea and PV,' stood as a testament to their dedication. Through the generous support of the Energy for Tomorrow programme by Centrica and expertise from D3 Associates, seven churches, frequented by 160,000 visitors annually, were equipped with solar panels and battery storage.

The Yorkshire N&E Methodist District's journey toward Net Zero was not just about achieving a numerical target. It was an illustration of how a community-led approach, powered by volunteers and inclusivity, could create a meaningful impact" (Community Energy England).

Simon will be joining us on Monday 5th August, and will be discussing his work with businesses and communities in Yorkshire North and East, to work towards achieving Net Zero.

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