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Confirmed Speakers for MSF 2024

The 2024 Committee have been working hard to put together the speakers for MSF 2024. Here is some information about the speakers we have so far:

Alice Corrie 

Alice is an engineering graduate, and has used her engineering knowledge to contribute to Climate Stewards, a Christian charity focussed on offsetting carbon. She has worked with UK clients calculating their carbon footprint, as well as the charity's community partners around the world, seeing the tangible result of grassroot efforts in planting trees, recycling and school clubs. She is now going into teaching, enjoys a plant-based lifestyle, and makes fantastic vegan & gluten free cakes.

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hannah blitzer.jpeg

Hannah Blitzer-Wright

Hannah is an experienced environmental legal and policy expert in climate justice. Of Jewish faith and originally from the United States, she graduated with her PhD in UK Environmental Law in 2023. She has worked with the UN Human Rights Council, focusing on states’ human rights obligations with regard to climate change. She currently works at Wildlife and Countryside Link, developing policies with Defra, the Environment Agency, Natural England and other government institutions while working with the Head of Policy and Advocacy to deliver advocacy to politicians and parliamentary actors in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Alice and Hannah will be joining us on Monday 5th August, for an evening panel on the Environment, chaired by Alice Wright, member of the MSF committee. 

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